We love our Volunteers


Steps Necessary to Complete Prior to Volunteering in HCSD:

1) Print, review, and complete the following documents:

a. Volunteer Application /   (Spanish)

b. Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement  /   (Spanish)

c. Volunteer Code of Conduct /    (Spanish)

d. Volunteer Police Department Clearance Form

e. Volunteer Verification

2) Upon completing items (a), (b) and (c), the documents are submitted to the school site who retains them on site, and updates the volunteer document on Google docs.

3) If the volunteer is supervised while working with students, fingerprinting IS NOT required.  If the volunteer will be coaching, traveling with students or working with a student 1:1 - fingerprinting IS required.

4) If fingerprints are required, results of the fingerprint scan are reported to the District Office in approximately one week, at which time the school is notified of clearance. The school (or schools) will then notify the interested volunteer that they have been cleared to volunteer.

5) The District Office maintains the fingerprint results.

6) The school maintains the volunteer packet for five (5) years and then stores them for three (3) additional years. When the student moves to the next grade level/school, the volunteer file will be sent to the next school, where it is maintained through the five-year period plus the three-year retention period, until destruction.