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Sonoma Heights

Sonoma Heights, 4 days ago

The school year is almost over. On Monday, June 1st from 8:00-10:00 Sonoma staff will be collecting Chromebooks and handing out report cards and class placement letters for next year. We will be using the same drive-through method we have used for the past 9 weeks of school. Kindergarten and first grade students will use Melarkey Street, second and third grade students will use Aiken Street and fourth grade students, Mrs. Stone and Ms. Perez’s students will use Minor Street. Please be sure to bring any school owned items at this time, including Chromebooks, their chargers, and any reading books, Library books, or textbooks you may have borrowed.
As a reminder, we will also be having a goodbye drive-by on June 3rd at 6:00 on Aiken Street. Come drive by and wave to your children’s teachers and the support staff. We would love to see you one more time before summer begins! We hope you all have a great summer and are excited to see you in the fall.

Sonoma Heights Elementary School

Sonoma Heights Elementary School, 8 days ago

Come say goodbye!

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Humboldt County School District

Humboldt County School District, 16 days ago

FCAA Food distribution information

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Humboldt County School District

Humboldt County School District, 22 days ago

Sleep is one of the functions that can affect our overall health. From the time we are born, we need a regular amount of sleep to help us in functioning well and effectively in our daily lives. Adults need consistent sleep, teens and children need it, and babies have it down to a science. In this short article, Mrs. Wirthlin will share some ways that you can make sure your children are getting enough quality sleep during this pandemic and beyond.

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