Family Engagement


The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and the 150+ communities working with the Campaign are dedicated to narrowing the gap between children from low-income families and their more affluent peers. This video shows why that gap occurs and how we can close it.

Establish routines:

Consider the routines that are important for your family to function and the habits you want to build in your children.  These are the key messages...

  • Identify the self-care needs of your children and develop routines for them to accomplish the tasks.

  • Develop a schedule, if needed, for your children to follow the routines.

  • Make sure that your children are ready for school each day.

  • Develop a list of chores that children need to complete.

  • Avoid negotiating schoolwork versus chores.

Create a Learning Environment:

We all need a place to work and learn.  Ideally each child will have a location that is "theirs" to work (not in the bedroom).  Of course, space may net be available for all families but we will take what we can get.  These are the key messages...

  • Identify a dedicated workspace for each child, ideally outside of their bedroom.

  • Try to keep the space consistent so that habits form relative to that space.

  • Keep the supplies needed for learning in that space.

  • Develop plans for taking breaks, movement, and getting water or food.

ReadyRosie™ Modeled Moments COVID-19 Videos

The following Modeled Moment videos are a gift from Teaching Strategies® and ReadyRosie to early childhood educators to share with the families they serve.  Please join us in sharing this “mission critical” content so that all families are empowered to support loving and bonding experiences in their homes during stressful and uncertain times.