Attendance Policy

  • Skipping and other truant absences will result in a discipline referral and count against credit.

  • A student more than 10 minutes tardy is counted as absent in the class.

  • Students attending school activities are not considered absent.

Attendance Regulation

  • Documentation in the form of notes or letters from doctors, dentists, the court, etc. must be provided to the attendance office for each absence.

  • Documentation is required within 72 hours of the student's return to class.

  • Documentation will be kept in the attendance office. This is significant to the appeal's process.

Please Note:

Parents are expected to notify the school promptly of extenuating circumstances regarding illness or personal family problems, which may have an effect on attendance. Every effort should be made to schedule routine appointments after school hours, and family vacations should be planned during the holidays outlined on the school calendar. Parents should stress the importance of good attendance with their teen and avoid supporting any abuse of the Attendance Policy. The automated telephone call system will place a call to the student's residence based on absences recorded by the teachers.

Parent Responsibilities

  • N.R.S 392.040 requires the parent or legal guardian to send the student to school during times that the public school is in session.

  • Within three (3) days of every absence, the parent must send a note (or call the school at 623-8135) stating the date and reason for the student's absence. If the school does not receive proper notification within three days following each absence, the absence will be declared a truancy and appropriate action will be taken against the student.

NOTE: If living at home, students 18 or older must also have a parent excuse when absent from school.