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Every child will graduate: beginning with Kindergarten, each will be prepared and confident to succeed.


As a community, we will instill in every child a vision to graduate, providing a comprehensive, safe, challenging and effective learning environment that prepares students to be career and college ready. 


The Humboldt County School District is a progressive public school system located in rural north-central Nevada, 170 miles east of Reno, Nevada. The district serves approximately 3,300 students in 11 schools—three K-4 schools, a 5-6 middle school, a 7-8 junior high, and a 9-12 high school located in the community of Winnemucca, as well as four K-8 schools and one K-12 school in rural areas throughout Humboldt County.

Humboldt County schools are routinely honored for their academic accomplishments, success that administrators attribute to strong leadership within the schools themselves, a core of talented and dedicated teachers and staff members as well as strong parental and community support. Over the course of the past several years, Humboldt County School District schools have been recognized as Distinguished Title I schools at the state and national level, and several sites have been recognized as high achieving and exemplary schools.

The district supports several Early Childhood, Pre-K and Pre-First programs to ensure kindergarten readiness. Elementary school children focus on core subjects such as reading, writing and math in the mornings, while the afternoons are filled with science, social studies, P.E., art, music and computers.

Winnemucca middle school students attend classes in the area’s newest building where “teams” of teachers and students work toward maximum achievement. Students are exposed to a variety of exploratory opportunities, including P.E., art, music and computers as well as critical thinking and character building classes. The spring sees the formation of “clubs” where students can enjoy learning everything from cowboy roping to scrapbooking.

Junior high school students enjoy a comprehensive academic curriculum, including the opportunity to gain high school credit in Algebra, as well as elective courses such as ceramics, shop, home economics and weight lifting. Sports include basketball, volleyball, wrestling, track and cheerleading.

High school students, too, enjoy a comprehensive academic curriculum including many Advanced Placement and Honors courses, choral and instrumental music, visual and performing arts classes and vocational and technical educational opportunities. In addition, students have the opportunity to gain college credit through partnerships developed with Great Basin College. A full sports program is available and includes football, basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, track, volleyball, soccer and cheerleading; a full array of club and extra-curricular activities ensures that every student has the opportunity to “belong.” An alternative education program offers students another option to acquire a high school education.

Rural K-12 students thrive in an environment marked by strong academic expectations set amid close-knit communities with strong parental support. With a four-day, Monday through Thursday, schedule, rural students enjoy expanded family time as well as increased attendance.

As a whole, the district’s focus in on the individual learner, with the goal of helping each student achieve his or her maximum success. The district currently uses the Measures of Academic Progress (MAPs) level test. The MAPs is a system that allows each student to receive a unique test, which is adjusted per the student’s ability as the test is being administered. MAPs growth and achievement data allows educators to target specific instructional strategies for each student as well as to plan overall school improvement.

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