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DeAnna Owens



Special Education-- The Special Education Department offers a wide continuum of programs and services for students who qualify for special education. Humboldt County School District has a full diagnostic staff that conducts student evaluations and provides support services to students, teachers, and parents. Students from age 3-22 may benefit from these services.


Humboldt County School District in connection with Part B of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act is obligated to identify, locate and evaluate all children with disabilities (ages 3 through 21) within the district's jurisdiction. If your private school (home-school) suspects that a child has a disability, you may request an evaluation of that child to determine the disability.

If you wish to request an evaluation for a child suspected of a disability, please call the Humboldt County School District Special Services office at (775) 623-8128, and assistance will be provided relative to scheduling the requested evaluation.


Autism Resources

Autism Speaks

Autism Library at Sonoma Heights Elementary--Caroline Etcheverry--775-623-8165

HCSD Autism Team---775-623-8128


Occupational Therapy Caseload



Physical Therapy Caseload




Welcome to the Humboldt County School District’s Department of Educational Opportunity, which encompasses the district’s Special Education Department, English Learner’s services, Title 1 services including Migrant Education and Recruiting, Children living in transition and foster children, Preschool Education and Instructional Consultation and Teaming.

There are several departments under the umbrella of the Office of Educational Opportunity. The links below provide you with more information about services offered in our district.

Important documents including caseloads can be found on our documents page.



The mission of the Title I Program is to assist eligible Title I schools in their efforts to provide services that will ensure that all children have an opportunity to obtain a high quality education and to achieve proficiency on high academic standards.


HCSD assures that Title 1 funds are used to supplement, not supplant, the local school program. General funds are allocated to each school on a per pupil funding model with Title 1 funds supplementing those schools ranked and found eligible for Title 1 status.

18-19 Evidence

20-21 Evidence



What Parents & Unaccompanied Youth In Transition Need To Know About Education In The Humboldt County School District:

Title I and the McKinney-Vento Act allow the Humboldt County School District to provide enrollment assistance, school supplies and instructional support to children and unaccompanied youth residing in temporary emergency shelters, hotels, motels, parks, cars, RV parks, or living with relatives/friends due to economic hardship.

Support services include meeting the physical, social, and emotional needs of students and empowering parents to support their children in this endeavor. All appropriate resources from the Humboldt County School District are utilized to achieve this goal.

How does Title I help schools comply with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvements Act of 2001?

1. Supports students with one or more of the following services:

Backpacks and school supplies

Transportation to the "School of Origin" with HCSD school bus.

After school enrichment programs at selected school sites.

Free breakfast and lunch for students K-12.

2. Provides staff development workshops for district personnel focusing on the needs of homeless children and youth.

3. Partners with businesses, community and local schools to provide resources for the families in transition and information regarding homelessness.

4. Maintains Title I Homeless site on HCSD Web site.

5. Distributes community resource information to schools and parents.

If you feel your child may qualify for this program, contact their school for more information.

Local Children in Transition Liaisons:

You can also contact DeAnna Owens, District Homeless Liaison, 775-623-8128

Homeless policy

* Dispute Resolution Process


A migrant student is a student who has moved during the last 3 years due to parent's agricultural work.

El nino migrante es aquel que se ha cambiado de escuela, pais, estado, o ciudad para que sus padres o guardians encuentren trabajo en agrucultura.

For more information please contact:

Humboldt County Migrant Recruiter, Claudia Means, (775) 623-8128

Contact Claudia Means at 775-623-8128

Office of Migrant Education

HCSD MEP Brochure - English

HCSD MEP Brochure - Spanish 

Title 3 English Learners

The Humboldt County School District (HCSD) is committed to providing English Learner (EL) students with an educational program designed to enable them to acquire English language proficiency as rapidly as possible, while developing academic skills. HCSD provides equal access for all students, including EL students, to the full range of District programs including: Special Education,

Title I, extracurricular, and nonacademic programs.

Educational Goals

1. Ensure that ELL students have access to an equal educational opportunity.

2. Ensure that ELL students have the opportunity to become successful participants within the school setting and in society at large.

3. Ensure that ELL students develop the ability to use English to communicate in social settings and in culturally appropriate ways.

4. Ensure that ELL students develop the ability to use English to achieve academically in all content areas based on standards established by Humboldt County School District and the State of Nevada.

5. ELL students will be provided with the opportunity to acquire English language proficiency through educational services in determined content areas and/or through English as a Second Language instruction.

6. Educationally appropriate student placement options will be provided to all ELL students.

7. Nevada Educator Performance Framework in conjunction with the Nevada School Performance Framework will be used to ensure rigorous grade level content instruction.


NDOE – Nevada Department of Education/ELL

Colorin Colorado

NABE – National Association for Bilingual



WIDA - World Class Instructional Design and Assessment