Human Growth and Development Program

In accordance with State Statute NRS 389.965, Humboldt County School District must offer "Instruction on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), human reproductive systems, related communicable diseases, and sexual responsibility."

  • Human Growth and Development Advisory Committee--The committee meets each September, January, March, and May. All meetings are held at the Humboldt County School District Board Room located at 310 E. 4th Street in Winnemucca, NV. Committee members are Pam Braginton, Tim Grady, David Jensen, Kraig Lords, Heather Morgan, Janae Nielson, Megan Parry, Mike Snow, Jeannie Steinman, and Marian Tyree.

Parent Preview

State Statute also requires Humboldt County School District conduct a preview night for parents to review materials related the Human Growth and Development/HIV/AIDS program. Parent preview night is scheduled in October of each year. Parents of students in grades 4-12 receive invitations letters via the mail.

Permission Process

Prior to a student's participation in the Human Growth and Development Program, the district is required to obtain a parent's or guardian's written approval. Students without written parental consent will be excused from attendance with no penalty. Parents sign a permission card for their child in fourth grade that is valid for only that school year. Parents sign a permission card for their child in fifth grade, and it is valid for grades five through eight. When the child enters grade nine, parents sign a second permission card that is valid for grades nine through twelve. Parents may contact the district at any time to change their child's permission status.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Education

  • For more information concerning substance abuse prevention, education, treatment, and/or parent resources, please contact either the Superintendent or a school site administrator.

Safe and Drug Free School Advisory Committee

  • This committee is responsible for multiple school safety issues including overseeing substance abuse prevention activities in respective districts.

For information concerning Humboldt County School District's Human Growth and Development Program, please contact Superintendent David Jensen at 775-623-8103.