The transportation department is responsible for all transportation for Humboldt County School District. We provide transportation to students as a privilege, to and from school, and school activities. 

Mission Statement: It is our mission to provide safe transportation for students. We understand that their education is very important. Providing a safe positive environment before and after school will assist in their willingness to do their best everyday. 

Sara Braun Bus Foreman 
Shana Lewis Transportation Secretary
Brad Baker Mechanic
Shelton Thomason Mechanic
Mona Smart Bus Driver 102 & Trainer 
Lori Piquet Bus Driver 106 & Trainer
Andrea Davidson Bus Driver 105 & Trainer 
Janet Roberts Bus Driver 87 & Trainer 
Barbara Aristo Bus Driver 89 
Jeannie Bates Bus Driver 95 
Vellora Brown Bus Driver 83 
Kristina Casalez Bus Aide 95 
Christina Clark Roving Bus driver
Rollinda Ellerman Bus Driver 114
Randi Fretwell Bus Aide 117
Tawnee Gilmour Paradise Bus Driver 109
Joan Graham Denio Bus Driver 96
Amelia Jimenez Bus Driver 119 
Danica Lopez Kings River Bus Driver 111 
Jennifer Marin Bus Driver 86 
Christopher McDaniel Bus Aide 83
Patty Melanovich Bus Driver 117
Maria Ochoa-Zepeda (Carmen) Bus Driver 85 
Shirley Smart McDermitt Bus Driver 112
Shelbe Taylor Bus Driver 88
Kelsey Trujillo Bus Driver 116
Dean VanWeerd Bus Driver 120
John Whala Orovada Bus Driver

Student Safety Training K-6

Student Safety 7-12

HCSD Bus Rules
Bus Routes 2018-2019